South Africa in 2030: The Latest Scenarios

The IRR’s briefing services allow clients to accurately anticipate short, medium, and long-term social, economic, and political shifts for South Africa. The briefing provides a deep dive analysis of current growth, investment, debt, deficit, employment, education, crime, political and policy trends in order to develop four new scenarios for South Africa’s next decade. The briefing refines its analysis all the way to the point of saying which scenario is going to unfold and how major social, economic, and political trends will evolve under that scenario. Clients are left with a high degree of clarity of what to expect from South Africa and therefore how to position themselves to counter risks and exploit opportunities. By matching first-hand policy and political information with world-class socio-economic analysis the IRR’s briefings provide an unmatched level of strategic intelligence.

About Frans

Frans Cronje directs the Centre for Risk Analysis (CRA). The CRA is a strategic intelligence think-tank. It uses deep-dive data analysis and first hand political and policy information to advise groups with interests in South Africa on the likely long-term economic, social, and political evolution of the country. Through the CRA he has advised several hundred organizations. He is the author of two books on South Africa’s future and teaches scenario-based strategy at the business school of the University of the Free State. He was educated at St Johns College in Houghton and holds a Ph.D. in scenario planning.

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